Friday, March 6, 2015

Fiesta Mexicana

Fiesta Mexicana located at 8304 Philadelphia Road. That's Rosedale Maryland folks. Don't blink as you go by since the place does not really jump out at you. Nothing on Philadelphia Road does.

The interior does not really jump out at you either. The owner however is a very colorful guy, extremely proud of the food his restaurant puts out. The comida is typical of Ciudad de Mexico.

I usually expect a little grocery sideline in places like this. They just do a few Mexican candies for the kids and the food. 

The decor is simple but clean and well organized. I did not come for the organization or the clean kitchen, I came for the food. I was handed a menu but said, "No, you surprise me. I want a good lunch" The only question was 'you like hot?' 

Out came three tacos, a bowl of beans, and a cup of salsa. The first taco was tinga. This is chicken stewed with red chilies. I have had tinga a number of times but never has the chicken been so tender. I put a bunch of that salsa on the taco.  Not only were my taste buds doing a happy dance but I was sweating a little too.

Next up was chorizo. I don't know if it was home made chorizo but It was very good. I do not usually go for chorizo. I did not order it so the surprise was a welcome thing. The salsa had me sweating here again too.

Last up was a taco bistex. That is Mexican(no derogatory intended) for beef of some sort of cut. Laying with this delicious beef were two slivers of roasted green chilies. I once again added some of that salsa. I needed a second sweat rag due to this almost costly discretion. The green chilies were hot in major way and I was on a capsicum trip for about five minutes.

Some highlights of the meal; That salsa. Wicked good stuff! This is manly stuff, not for the faint of heart. Your going to break a bead of sweat eating this stuff.

I have to talk about those beans. I have eaten a lot of beans in my life. I have eaten a lot of black beans for that matter. These black beans were the best I have ever had. Seriously, they were beyond good. You think I am joking?

Rating? Solid 10

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