Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hunan Taste, Catonsville MD

I will first apologize for the quality of images in this post. I did not have my camera and instead used my phone. My phone is not a camera, it is a phone. The first image is also not mine, I lifted it from a Tripadvisor review of this same restaurant.

Hunan Taste has been a long over due review. We have eaten here well over 40 times since it opened a few years back. That statement alone is a review in itself. I have a frequent diner card, so I will try not to show any bias.
Hunan taste is located in the very busy H Mart Plaza at 718 North Rolling Rd or Route 40 and Rolling road. I say very busy as a note of caution. The drivers in this parking lot are generally oblivious to other drivers or pedestrians. Many are still becoming accustomed to driving in America. Do not let this stop you. Do not let anything stop you from coming and trying this place out. In Baltimore, this is my favorite place to eat. 
When you walk in you will notice a few things that sets this place apart from your normal Chinese restaurant; It is always spotless. Your host is always dressed in a fine suit and greats you in a sophisticated manor. The decor is very sophisticated and inviting. It is always bustling with diners. Just about everyone is Chinese. All the wait staff is very professional and unobtrusive. All the wait staff have American names. There are two menus, and this place gives you both. 
Seven of us gathered for a meal the other night and we were all adventure eaters. We ate family style.

We started with two appetizers. The first was Pigs Ears. It was incredible to look at. It tasted equally as incredible. Very tender and delicious. It was not what you would think pigs ears would taste like. If I were to put it in front of you, not telling what it was, you would have no clue. You would just think it is tremendous. 

The second appetizer was Garlic Pork Belly. Incredible. Nothing more needs to be said.

We had Twin Lobster. Two lobsters fried in garlic. Incredible once again. The one negative thing I must say is when the lazy susan went around the first time it was moist and succulent. However as it sat, the meat got kind of dry and crispy. I recommend eating it all when it arrives at the table.

We had Dry Green Beans and Pork. If you want to feel you are getting your vegetables, order this. The pork is a nice touch to a vegetable side dish.

There was Whole Perch Hunan Style. I had the head. One of my dinner mates was a little shyer than me and I beat him to it. I love the cheeks and head meat. The combination of flavors was tremendous.

Missing from these photos is Pork in Incense Mint. This was a texture dish. The pork was twice cooked, the second being fried, so it was kind of chewy. The meat had excellent flavor to it. It was on a bed of crispy fried mint. The mint was so beautiful, looking like bright green glass. Unfortunately the mint did not have any taste and was more of a texture because it shattered in your mouth. Of all the items, this was my least favorite dish since the mint failed to have the flavor you thought you might get from it. I did not however dislike this dish.

Chefs always look for empty plates. Empty plates mean the food was so good it all was eaten. Every plates were empty.

If you want really good Chinese food, come here. Do not come here for General Taos Chicken, Egg Foo Young, and Lo Mein. This is real Chinese food for Chinese people. All the food has incredible flavor, intense Hunan heat, and items you have never tried before. Come, be adventurous and try something you never have seen before.

On a scale of 1-10... a rating of ELEVEN.

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