Sunday, March 15, 2015

Asian Court, Ellicott City.

Asian Court is located at 9180 Baltimore National Pike in Ellicott City, Maryland. Asian Court is known as a Chinese restaurant for Chinese people. Their menu is very ethnic and foreign to many who frequent a typical Chinese restaurant. We have eaten here about a dozen times in the past few years. Places that serve dim sum are few and far between in Baltimore. Needless to say, China Court is a very popular place  because of this. I believe it must have been featured in a review recently because usually the crowd is mostly Chinese. Not this Sunday, it was about 50/50. We arrived early to beat the crowd but even at 11 am it was completely packed and the wait was at least 10 minutes for a table(30 by the time we left). We were seated at a booth right next to the reception desk. This posed a series of issues I will lay out for you. The first issue was that every 10 seconds the door opened and yet another family squeezed into the already packed waiting area. The wind would whip right in and hit us. This forced us to eat with our coats on.

Another issue with our table, was that the carts barely ever came by. After the first cart came with virtually nothing on it it was a full 20 minutes before we ever saw another one. During that time the fork and the glass of water we requested for our 7 year old never came even though I politely asked three times. Eventually I just got up, walked across the room and helped myself. 

Then all the carts came at one time. And went right on by our table.

They could not see us however because the crowd waiting for tables were literally blocking us from the rest of the room.  The next booth in had the exact same issue. I had to stand up and wave my arms above the crowd to get the ladies to see we wanted service. At one point the crowd pushed in so close that a husband and wife sat there butts on the edge of our table. I jabbed the man's butt with my chopstick to point out the rudeness of his actions. 

Previously, we have had a fairly good experience at Asian Court. We have looked past the grimy interior. We have pretended we did not notice the filthy bathrooms. When a dirty plate or glass was put on our table we have always politely asked for a clean one. We even pretended not to notice that the Chinese patrons are served and seated first, this is an ethnic restaurant, you expect that to some degree. Unfortunately, this time, our experience could not be over looked. We will never return to this place.

Rating 1-5? 0.5 

I am sorry to my readers. I never panned a restaurant like this. It was however a very bad experience. I would hate for you to have the same experience.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Papi's, FellsPoint

Papi's is located on Aliceanna Street at Broadway Avenue right in the heart of Fells Point. It is very easy to find. Unlike most Mexican restaurants in Fells Point, Papi's is for the hipster, 20 something crowd. You are not finding any day labors enjoying a plate of mixed pork street tacos here. It is gourmet street tacos and expensive margaritas.

Beef short ribs street tacos.I kind of chuckle at the thought of that.  Hominy as a side dish. A roasted jalapeƱo  pepper. Mezcal margarita. It was all good, it just comes off as overly produced.

Shrimp tacos. Maggi sauce. Prickly pear margarita. 

Would I return? Yes, if Cynthia asked us to meet her there again. Would I go on my own? No, there are great street tacos for 1/5th the cost within blocks.

3.5 of 5

Friday, March 6, 2015

Fiesta Mexicana

Fiesta Mexicana located at 8304 Philadelphia Road. That's Rosedale Maryland folks. Don't blink as you go by since the place does not really jump out at you. Nothing on Philadelphia Road does.

The interior does not really jump out at you either. The owner however is a very colorful guy, extremely proud of the food his restaurant puts out. The comida is typical of Ciudad de Mexico.

I usually expect a little grocery sideline in places like this. They just do a few Mexican candies for the kids and the food. 

The decor is simple but clean and well organized. I did not come for the organization or the clean kitchen, I came for the food. I was handed a menu but said, "No, you surprise me. I want a good lunch" The only question was 'you like hot?' 

Out came three tacos, a bowl of beans, and a cup of salsa. The first taco was tinga. This is chicken stewed with red chilies. I have had tinga a number of times but never has the chicken been so tender. I put a bunch of that salsa on the taco.  Not only were my taste buds doing a happy dance but I was sweating a little too.

Next up was chorizo. I don't know if it was home made chorizo but It was very good. I do not usually go for chorizo. I did not order it so the surprise was a welcome thing. The salsa had me sweating here again too.

Last up was a taco bistex. That is Mexican(no derogatory intended) for beef of some sort of cut. Laying with this delicious beef were two slivers of roasted green chilies. I once again added some of that salsa. I needed a second sweat rag due to this almost costly discretion. The green chilies were hot in major way and I was on a capsicum trip for about five minutes.

Some highlights of the meal; That salsa. Wicked good stuff! This is manly stuff, not for the faint of heart. Your going to break a bead of sweat eating this stuff.

I have to talk about those beans. I have eaten a lot of beans in my life. I have eaten a lot of black beans for that matter. These black beans were the best I have ever had. Seriously, they were beyond good. You think I am joking?

Rating? Solid 10