Thursday, March 12, 2015

Papi's, FellsPoint

Papi's is located on Aliceanna Street at Broadway Avenue right in the heart of Fells Point. It is very easy to find. Unlike most Mexican restaurants in Fells Point, Papi's is for the hipster, 20 something crowd. You are not finding any day labors enjoying a plate of mixed pork street tacos here. It is gourmet street tacos and expensive margaritas.

Beef short ribs street tacos.I kind of chuckle at the thought of that.  Hominy as a side dish. A roasted jalapeƱo  pepper. Mezcal margarita. It was all good, it just comes off as overly produced.

Shrimp tacos. Maggi sauce. Prickly pear margarita. 

Would I return? Yes, if Cynthia asked us to meet her there again. Would I go on my own? No, there are great street tacos for 1/5th the cost within blocks.

3.5 of 5

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